Best Tool Manufacturer with state of the art Setup that allows to manufacture tools for different types of micro precision components

Progressive Diesets

Titan has the capability to develop any type of micro precision components and this is done by development of a progressive type of tooling.
In a progressive tool, the component is cut in various stages till the final desired profile is achieved. This is done with the help of strip engineering and this capability distinguishes us to be the best Tool Manufacturer in the industry.

Compound Diesets

Titan develops compound diesets for simple and medium complex flat parts. In this type of tooling, in every stroke it delivers one component.


The Tool Manufacturing department has different spectrums of Turning, Milling, Grinding, Fitting machines, etc. For precision machining, various machines such as CNC Wire EDMs, CNC EDM Sinking, CNC Milling machines, Jig Boring machines, Jig Grinding machines are located at isolated foundation with controlled temperature environment. These machines are equipped with cutting edge technology and are operated by a highly skilled workforce which make us a very reputed Tool Manufacturer.

Model: Hauser-B3
Made: Switzerland
Operation: Boring and Drilling
Accuracy: 5 micron co-ordinate
Min Drill Size: 120 micron
Model: Ewag
Made: Switzerland
Operation: Tool Grinding
Accuracy        : 1 micron tolerance
Model: Hauser-S3
Made: Switzerland
Operation: Grinding
Accuracy: 5 micron co-ordinate
Model: Mikron Agie
Made: Switzerland
Operation: Wire EDM
Accuracy: 5 micron
Spark gap: 10 micron
Model: Mikron - HSM
Made: Switzerland
Operation: 3 Axis Milling
Accuracy: 5 micron
Spindle Speed: 40000 rpm
Min. Cutter dia: 100 micron
Model : Mikron - HEM
Made : Switzerland
Operation : 3 Axis Milling
Accuracy : 5 micron
Spindle Speed : 20000 rpm